Whether he is poor or rich, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Christian, educated or uneducated youth and elders, Hind Congress Party will look after/take care everybody's interest and will work as Hind ke Hindustani / "Hind Congress Party ke Sipahi" against corrupt system. Main issues of the party are given below:-

1.)  Raise voice against Nepotism in Politics.

2.) Regular fight to streathen the democracy.

3.) Strong fight against corruption.

4.) Issue base Politics.

5.) Total Security and empowerment for women.

6.) Proper sharing in System for everybody.

7.) Improvement for technology at village level.

8.) Education and Madical facility for all.

9.) 100% Employment for youth.

10.) Industrial status for agriculture.

11.) Free Insurance for Farmers.

12.) Waived of Farmer’s Loan.